11th ACGHK 2009 – Gundam Photo Gallery

Here are some Gundam related photos found on ToysDaily from the 11th ACGHK 2009 which is being held in Hong Kong between July 31st thru August 4th. (ACGHK – Anime Comic Game Hong Kong)

Images from ToysDaily

Gundam Collection Model 1/400 Neue Ziel (Gundam 0083)

While I am in the midst of painting my modified Astraea Gundam (is been hard to paint in my garage during the summer heat wave, Hopefully… I will be finished with all the paint work by early next week and then I can start on the Sinanju. ), I thought I would post a photo set of the 2nd gunpla that I built in late 2007, Zeon’s mobile armor – AMX-002 Neue Ziel.

This is one of my poorer work. =( Looking back, I should’ve painted it in the original paint scheme.

My Zeon hanger diorama (you are looking at the back of Lt. Anavel Gato)

PS3 – Mobile Suit Gundam Senki U.C. 0081 – (Update 6)

Famitsu magazine had provided a brief update for this game showing additional units that would be playable. And the list sure don’t disappoint:

RX-78 NT-1 Alex
YMS-16M Xamel

RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type, RX-77-2 Guncannon, RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom, RGM-79N GM Custom, RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type, MSM-07 Z’Gok, MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom, YMS-15 Gyan, MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon, MSM-03C Hygogg

Info & Images from SRWHotNews

Unicorn Gundam…Gundam UC: The Movie – Winter 2009

It was announced that Gundam UC (Unicorn Gundam) will be released in movie format this winter, this source was from a blogger (http://3dayslater.cocolog-enshu.com/blog/2009/07/post-75b1.html). I must say I was a bit disappointed that Gundam UC will be a movie, since I don’t want them to just jam all the content in a mere 2 hrs or so, and missing out on all the details. I knew a full fledge series was impossible, since they had mentioned this would be a multi-languages release. But I had hoped that it would be an OVA (8+ episodes), but alas we have to settle for a movie version.

Well at least this upcoming movie seems to only cover the first volumn of the novel. So perhaps it would be the first of many movie releases? I certainly hope so.

I am not sure which magazine source this news is from, but below is an image. Also some updates on Gundam 00 The Movie was provided. Perhaps more updates about that later on.

Images from 3dayslater.cocolog-enshu.com